2021 SELECTED FILMS - (The Judging Process continues until 3-17-2021.)

Deadline for 2021 Festival is - 2-14-2021

  • Films listed below have been selected to the 2021 Film Festival and are still within the Judging Process.

  • If your film does not appear in the list below it has not been confirmed as a film accepted into the 2021 Film Festival. It may take a few days before it is confirmed by the Festival Committee to appear in the list below.

  • After a film has selected as a Semi-Finalist, the filmmaker will be notified. Semi Finalist doesn't mean that your film will be screened at the festival. It means that you are now eligible for the awards consideration and you can use the 2021 Festival Laurel for your promotions.

  • This is a special inspirational and exciting kind of Film Festive which highlights traditional Student Films, Documentaries, as well as Commercial Features Films.  Some of the films also  (includes the depiction of a character who is afflicted with emotional, mental, social or physical challenges.  A Challenge/Disability/Handicap is any condition of the body or mind, (impairment) that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities, (activity limitation) and interact with the world around them, (participation restrictions.)  Some of the films are shown for pure inspirational value.  The inspirational aspect of the character is positive, uplifting, and emotionally moving.  This type of character does not have to be the star of the movie nor do they have to be a main character, some make very brief appearance while sometimes they are integral to the plot or story line.

  • Not all Films listed below will be shown at the 2021 Film Festival.

  • Some Films will be selected for multiple showings and/or at multiple venues as well as be shown because of special recognition in more than one festival. The purpose is to provide as much support and opportunity for the filmmakers to promote their film and acquire a larger audience. We intend to provide as much inspiration as possible for artists. Multiple screening give producers the ability to promote and raise monies for their next project.